About BNSP

Who are we ?

The Digital Official Statistics Library is managed by INSEE (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies). Its missions are to collect, store and provide all the Official Statistical System publications and the digitized publications of the Alain Desrosières INSEE Library collections of Alain Desrosières INSEE Library.

What is the Official Statistical System? What are the Ministerial Statistical Offices?

The Official Statistical System  is formed of INSEE and the Ministerial Statistical Departments. It publishes official data and studies that stimulate public debate on health, employment, agriculture, education and much more. It works at various regional levels throughout France and also contributes to European and international statistics.

What do we do?

Developed in partnership with the French National Library, the Digital Official Statistics Library contributes to the dissemination of Official Statistical System publications to a wide audience. It seeks to gather complete collections by retrieving the latest publications made available on partner websites and digitising older documents.

Our goal? To offer you complete collections by collecting publications from all our partners over very long periods.

How is information incorporated into the Digital Official Statistics Library?

The Digital Official Statistics Library brings together:

  • national and regional INSEE publications from the site www.insee.fr;
  • publications by the National Council for Statistical Information and Ministerial Statistical Departments from their respective websites;
  • digitized versions of documents stored in the Alain Desrosières INSEE library;
  • digitized or digital-native versions of works and publications from the French National Library’s digital library, and digital libraries that are part of the Gallica Marque Blanche scheme, with the aim of supplementing the collections of the Digital Official Statistics Library.

Recent publications, that can mostly still be viewed on partner websites, are given a period of between two weeks and one month before their incorporation into the Digital Official Statistics Library. This gives time for them to be corrected and/or amended in the first few days following publication (in the event of errors, to correct figures, etc.). Once this period has passed, they can be added to the numerous collections of the Digital Official Statistics Library for archiving.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, contact us !